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Alle Artikel in der Kategorie: Development work

The rescue of the king - from 17.11.2022, in category: General

Nächster Once considered the king of the savannah, today it is highly endangered. The lion population has plummeted by 43% in the last 21 years and the big cat has disappeared from 94 percent of its historic range. Experts estimate that fewer than 20,000...

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Active in environmental protection in Botswana - from 08.11.2022, in category: Development work

Nächster Wuppertal entrepreneur enables species conservation lessons for children The decision was made only a few months ago and is already bearing fruit: Wuppertal-based management consultant Mathias Mundt, Managing Director of M4 Consulting GmbH, decided to support two children’s projects of the SAVE Wildlife...

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E4C now also in the Democratic Republic of Congo - from 02.11.2022, in category: General

Nächster SAVE has launched new environmental education program in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project area at Virunga National Park poses very special challenges: When the Rwandan genocide took place in 1994, millions of displaced people fled the country and found protection and...

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Save lions by growing vegetables - from 11.10.2022, in category: Nature Protection

Nächster SAVE promotes Smart Agriculture program in Botswana The SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, a species conservation foundation based in Wülfrath, Germany, has launched a climate-friendly agricultural development project to promote fruit and vegetable cultivation in Botswana. The “Climate Smart Agriculture Project” aims to enable...

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