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Educational Programs
Botswana & DR-Kongo
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Education is one of the two important pillars in our „Education 4 Conservation Strategy for species conservation. Many disadvantaged children live in Africa. Many do not know the nature of their homeland and have never been to a national park. They are often afraid of the “wild animals” that only seem to be there for the tourists. Our educational programs for children and youth include playgroups for early childhood education and development, care and services for preschoolers, vacation care, homework clubs, and facilitating scholarships for youth. Children in need of assistance receive meals as well as psychological support when needed. Our work aims to bring children into contact with species conservation as early as possible and to teach them about the unique value of their environment. This creates in them the need to protect it. Adults in the region are also often unaware of the opportunities that come with conservation and ecotourism. In our educational programs, they recognize the value of nature in direct relation to the possibilities of sustainable development and new perspectives for the future of their country.

Umweltbildbung Lehrerin Botswana

„The playgroups help children get off to a good start in elementary school.“

Gakenaope Dimbere, SAVE Area Manager Shakawe Community

Educational deficit, alienation from nature, biophobia, loss of knowledge.

Reach 90% of children in Wildlife Contact Areas with environmental education.

Our approach to species conservation

Our commitment to endangered species conservation is based on a comprehensive approach dedicated to promoting educational programs for children, early childhood education, organizing homework clubs and vacation care, as well as providing scholarships and conducting outreach activities with a special focus on environmental education. We believe that early and comprehensive education is the key to preserving biodiversity and protecting our environment.

Here, SAVE trains little species protectors:

We are committed to promoting education in wildlife areas and their surroundings. In Botswana, we have already established 38 active playgroups around the Okavango Delta and also offer regular after-school activities. Since the end of 2022, we have launched another playgroup adjacent to Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Umweltbildung am Okavango Delta

Umweltbildung am Okavango Delta

Füge eine optionale Bescheibung zur deiner Karten-Stecknadel hinzu

Demokratische Republik Kongo

Umweltbildung am Virunga Nationalpark

Umweltbildung am Virunga Nationalpark

SAVE-Educational Programs for the protection of species

Bildung für den Artenschutz Botswana, Afrika, DR-Kongo

Daily Playgroups: Early Childhood Development (ECD)

The Early Childhood Development Program aims to raise awareness of biodiversity conservation among children aged 3-6 in Africa at an early age and to teach them about the invaluable value of their environment. Daily lessons are designed to awaken in them the awareness that it is important to preserve it. Even among adults in the region, there is often still a lack of knowledge about the opportunities that can be created through nature conservation and ecotourism. Through our educational programs, we want to make them aware of the value of nature for sustainable development and new perspectives in their country.

After-school environmental education (EE)

SAVE's Environmental Education program aims to inspire children and young people aged 6 to 18 in Africa about nature and wildlife conservation and to teach them the benefits of peaceful coexistence between humans and animals. Many youth in the communities are afraid of wildlife or participate in poaching out of boredom, as they are unaware of the value of the natural environment. SAVE provides schooling and supplemental knowledge as well as consciously experiencing their environment to teach the value of nature and wildlife. Topics range from "Natural resources around us" to highlighting career opportunities in ecotourism.

"Early Childhood Development Curriculum" - the SAVE school and textbook.

The “SAVE Early Childhood Development Curriculum” textbook is the foundation for children’s nature and environmental education. The book was developed specifically by SAVE for teachers and is used with preschool children. An accompanying workbook supports hands-on activities and teaches environmental education and the value of nature through play.



Active Children projects


Children reached with environmental education


Family members inspired to protect species

And this could be your contribution

Children in poor countries have little access to education. Many of them grow up in conflict areas where people and animals fight over scarce resources. These children are afraid of nature and see it as a threat. We must act to help these children. With your donation we can give children access to education.

Species protection starts with education - donate now!