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Zero palm oil
protect the rainforest now

Why is so much palm oil grown?

Palm oil is on everyone’s lips – literally! The consumption of palm oil continues to increase rapidly worldwide – it is the cheapest vegetable oil, so that huge areas of rainforest are destroyed day after day for the cultivation of the oil palm. Palm oil is not only used in food production, but also in the manufacture of cosmetics, detergents and cleaning agents, and as a renewable agrofuel. The blending of palm oil in biodiesel will not be legally prohibited in Germany until 2026.

„As part of our Zero Palm Oil campaign, we will continue to use peaceful means to fight against the seemingly unstoppable boom in palm oil consumption and initiate further actions.“

– Lars Gorschlüter, Foundation Founder –

We advocate an immediate phase-out of palm oil and soy blending
in biofuels and fuels

The German government has set the phase-out date at 2026. This is clearly too late. Currently, 36 soccer pitches of rainforest are cleared every minute. More than 61% of EU palm oil imports currently flow into the energy industry. The blending targets for agrofuels in gasoline and diesel as well as kerosene are currently leading to massive deforestation of rainforests. The latter are mainly threatened by the use of palm oil for the production of “biofuels”. Last year, the German government decided against overturning the blending targets and also to stop the use of palm oil in particular. There are encouraging examples of this: Belgium and France explicitly no longer use fuel made from palm oil! We would like to take these two countries as an example in this respect and achieve a phase-out already now.

Palm oil demand destroys the rainforest

In order to satisfy the constantly growing demand of many industries for palm oil, more and more rainforest is being cleared for cultivation. Only by giving up 100% of palm oil will it be possible to sustainably protect the remaining rainforest. Producers, consumers and politicians must rethink and recognize that we are all jointly responsible for the destruction of the rainforest.

In the meantime, there are many, self-proclaimed sustainability certificates that have shown in recent years that this does not stop deforestation, not even reduce it.

Our Zero Palm Oil Campaign

The main goal of our Zero Palm Oil campaign is to prevent new clearing for the cultivation of oil palms. This goal can only be achieved by completely eliminating or drastically reducing the use of palm oil in products. To limit palm oil consumption or even stop palm oil demand, public and political pressure must be increased. Only when sales of palm oil-containing products decrease noticeably will producers and governments really take notice. Each and every one of us should consciously reach for a palm oil-free product. In addition, we provide information for supporters and consumers about the use of palm oil in everyday products. On our Zero Palm Oil website, you will find information on how you can personally avoid the use of palm oil or support our cause to the best of your ability.


Help save the rainforest