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Alle Artikel in der Kategorie: General

New sponsorship for environmental playgroup in Botswana - from 15.05.2023, in category: Educational work

Nächster New sponsorship for environmental playgroup in Botswana Güven & Partner committed to species conservation education for children To introduce children at an early age to the topics of the environment and species conservation in one of the most wildlife-rich areas on earth: This...

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Elephant conservation: A borehole for the birthday - from 12.05.2023, in category: General

Nächster Wine box or travel voucher? Anyone can do that. But a borehole that provides water for thirsty elephants on their long trek through the semi-desert of Botswana? That’s a gift that really makes sense, is sustainable and will definitely make my wife happy,’...

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Mission: Lion Conservation Intensive Ranger Training - from 06.04.2023, in category: General

Nächster Intensive Ranger Training SAVE has recruited six Lion Rangers for its project SAVE Lions – Living with Lions. The three men and three women are between 19 and 36 years old and come from the surrounding villages. Their mission is that no more...

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New start for 50 children after rebel attack in DR Congo - from 06.04.2023, in category: E4C – Education for Conservation

Nächster Shortly after the opening of our environmental playgroup in Kishishe, a village near Virunga Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we were struck by a terrible tragedy. Rebels of the so-called M23 militia attacked the village of Kishishe and caused a cruel...

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SAVE empowers women in Botswana - from 06.03.2023, in category: E4C – Education for Conservation

Nächster First milestones in the “Women Empowerment” project Last year, a very special project was launched: With the support of the Schmitz Foundation, SAVE started a project to empower women around the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Since then, 70 women who were hit particularly...

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A wedding gift for nature and education - from 03.02.2023, in category: General

Nächster Tsanakona playgroup opened It really was a very special motto that Linda Müller-Dürschmidt and Steve Müller had chosen for their wedding: Instead of gifts, the bride and groom wanted donations to build a new SAVE Environment playgroup in Botswana. The idea was immediately...

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Massacre in DR Congo - from 11.12.2022, in category: General

Nächster Press release – 07.12.2022 Numerous children from a playgroup of the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund from Wülfrath lost their parents or relatives in a rebel attack. SAVE – Country Director Rémy Kakule was able to escape from the attack. He had opened the...

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Tree planting day in Bonatla - from 06.12.2022, in category: General

Nächster Trees provide food, shade and oxygen. They prevent soil erosion and are the habitat of countless wild animals. So it was only natural to make this the topic of the environmental education club at Bonatla Primary School in Botswana. But not only in...

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