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Our work for species conservation

Preserving the habitats of endangered species and protecting the uniqueness of nature and the environment is the goal of the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund. Our approach is holistic and focuses on environmental education and development in rural areas to strengthen sustainable conservation of species.

As a non-profit foundation, we work exclusively with locals and develop solutions together with the affected communities in areas that are often affected by human-wildlife conflicts. We believe that effective species conservation is only possible through close cooperation with local people. Therefore, we promote species conservation through our community-led projects. Through this initiative, we give the community a sense of ownership and actively involve them in decision-making. At the same time, we provide incentives and more opportunities for local people in terms of support and development through our projects. These include employment opportunities as well as skills development.

Our work is based on a deep understanding of the needs of both endangered species and local people. We are committed to ensuring that people and nature can live in harmony with each other. Therefore, we work tirelessly to further develop our projects and approaches to ensure even more effective protection of threatened species and their habitat. We are convinced that each one of us can make a contribution to species conservation and welcome any support in our work.


Species conservation through education – this is the approach on which all our projects are based. We work hand in hand with the people in the affected regions and enable income-generating measures where they are needed. With our education projects, we build bridges to future generations – so that nature conservation and species protection once again become natural components of life.


We act with respect, goodwill, kindness as well as reliability in all our relationships and communications.

Sense of purpose

We want to move to the good, that is
our motivation and the ground
of our work.


We stand by our word
and keep
our promises.

Developing potential

We experience our diversity as enrichment. Every contribution strengthens the whole, whether in Africa, Asia, Europe or Germany.


We want our donors to trust us, so we treat the issue of transparency with a high priority.


We act in accordance with our values and beliefs. We are true to ourselves and respect the integrity and dignity of our partners, donors and employees.

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