Rainforest protection

Rainforest protection

Our green lungs

Tropical rainforests are our green lungs and form unique biodiversity hotspots along the equator with the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. Their destruction continues, even though we know how important rainforests are for the climate, the Earth’s biodiversity and therfore also for us humans. As a result, many of the species native to the rainforests are losing their habitat and important food for survival, above all the orangutans living in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. In addition, habitat is becoming increasingly scarce for the Sumatran tiger, forest elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates, as well as macaws and hummingbirds.

Lars Gorschlueter

“The interest in exploiting this unique habitat for flora and fauna seems to be greater than protecting it. We are all called upon when it comes to saving the remaining rainforests.“

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Lars Gorschlüter, Foundation Founder

Our approach

With our projects we want to sensitize people towards a considerate use of natural resources in order to jointly preserve those unique ecosystems, which are the richest in species on our planet. This can only be achieved through educational work and – ideally – the resulting change in consumer habits in Western countries, through political pressure in both the cultivating as well as importing countries, and last but not least through the support of local organizations in the affected areas.

With our Zero Palm Oil campaign, we have set ourselves the goal of raising awareness for and educating consumers, companies and politicians in the issue of palm oil. A reduction in palm oil consumption or, better yet, complete abandonment of palm oil consumption is urgently needed!

With the project Friends of the Orangutans for Hutanriau Foundation in Indonesia, we support the conservation of the rainforest in Sumatra as well as the strengthening and development of the communities in Riau through agroforestry. We support the organization ISCP Indonesian Species Conservation Program helping to protect endangered rainforest species.

You can help us saving
the rainforest

Habitats of endangered animal and plant species
must be preserved and our rainforests must
be sustainably protected.