our Team


Lars Gorschlueter

Managing Director
Mobile: +49(0)178-3103344
E-Mail: l.gorschlueter(at)save-wildlife.org

Maike Gorschlüter

Dr. Maike Gorschlueter

Deputy executive board
Phone: +49(0)2058-7882-20
E-Mail: m.gorschlueter(at)save-wildlife.org

Guido-Friedrich Weiler

Member of the Board of Trustees

Sonja Celebic

Sonja Celebic

Phone: +49(0)2058-7882-20
E-Mail: s.celebic(at)save-wildlife.org

Marianna Schröter

Marianna Schroeter

Project Manager Company
Mobile: +49(0) 162-106-3192
E-Mail: m.schroeter(at)save-wildlife.org


Stephanie Gebhardt

Project Manager Schools
Mobile: +49 (0)152-5369-1378
E-Mail: s.gebhardt(at)save-wildlife.org

Mariya Molotnikova

Projekt Management

Mobil: +49 176 32938615
E-Mail: m.molotnikova(at)save-wildlife.org


Wabotlhe Letubo

Country Project Director
Phone: +267-6800235
Mobile: +267-75858536
E-Mail: w.letubo(at)save-wildlife.org

Refilwe Kebadire

Community Development Officer

Pule Bryan Senase

Environmental Education Officer

Gofaone Sekgobokgobo

Office Assistant


SAVE Wildlife - Joshua Linder Team USA

Professor Joshua M. Linder

Project Manager SAVE African Wildlife
Phone: +1-540-746-7406
E-Mail: j.linder(at)save-wildlife.com


SAVE Wildlife Team - Joerg Gorschlüter Team Polen

Joerg Gorschlueter

Member of the Board of Trustees

Phone: +48-71-7952900
E-Mail: j.gorschlueter(at)save-wildlife.org

Beata Gorschlueter

SAVE Poland Coordinator

Phone: +48-71-7952900
E-Mail: b.gorschlueter(at)save-wildlife.pl

Roman Gula

Project Manager SAVE Poland
E-Mail: R.Gula(at)save-wildlife.org

Magda Strzala

Magda Strzala

Project Management Specialist & Fundraising Specialist
of the SAVE Foundation
E-Mail: m.strzala(at)save-wildlife.org

Artur Milanowski

Artur Milanowski

Wolf Protection Project Coordinator