Our vision

A world in which all living beings on earth live in peaceful coexistence and lead a healthy dignified life in harmony with nature.

Our mission

Species extinction worldwide is progressing at a rapid pace – part of a catastrophic environmental impact of humanity living today. The drastic decline and extinction of species and wild areas that are part of a diverse and complex ecosystem have serious consequences for all living beings. Our ecosystems and thus our livelihoods are perishing as a result.

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We want to stop this alarming development!

Since the end of 2010, we have been launching projects with our foundation committed to the protection of species. Our experience since then has taught us many things, above all that the protection of species is inseparably linked to development work and education. This is the basis of all our work – our active project work, intensive education, research and the promotion of commitment. We want to encourage action and call on governments and consumers to take more responsibility! Join us.

We are looking forward to you.

Our approach

Species conservation through education and development work – all our projects are based on this approach. We work hand in hand with the people in the affected regions and enable income-generating measures where they are needed. With our educational projects, we build bridges to future generations – so that nature and species conservation become a natural part of life again.

our Team


Lars Gorschlüter

Lars Gorschlueter

Managing Director
Mobile: +49(0)178-3103344
E-Mail: l.gorschlueter(at)

Maike Gorschlüter

Dr. Maike Gorschlueter

Deputy executive board
Phone: +49(0)2058-7882-20
E-Mail: m.gorschlueter(at)

Guido-Friedrich Weiler

Member of the Board of Trustees

Sonja Celebic

Sonja Celebic

Phone: +49(0)2058-7882-20
E-Mail: s.celebic(at)

Marianna Schröter

Marianna Schroeter

Project Manager Company
Mobile: +49(0) 162-106-3192
E-Mail: m.schroeter(at)


Stephanie Gebhardt

Project Manager Schools
Mobile: +49 (0)152-5369-1378
E-Mail: s.gebhardt(at)


Wabotlhe Letubo

Country Project Director
Phone: +267-6800235
Mobile: +267-75858536
E-Mail: w.letubo(at)

Refilwe Kebadire

Community Development Officer

Pule Bryan Senase

Environmental Education Officer

Gofaone Sekgobokgobo

Office Assistant


SAVE Wildlife - Joshua Linder Team USA

Professor Joshua M. Linder

Project Manager SAVE African Wildlife
Phone: +1-540-746-7406
E-Mail: j.linder(at)


SAVE Wildlife Team - Joerg Gorschlüter Team Polen

Joerg Gorschlueter

Member of the Board of Trustees

Phone: +48-71-7952900
E-Mail: j.gorschlueter(at)

Beata Gorschlueter

SAVE Poland Coordinator

Phone: +48-71-7952900
E-Mail: b.gorschlueter(at)

Roman Gula

Project Manager SAVE Poland
E-Mail: R.Gula(at)

Magda Strzala

Magda Strzala

Project Management Specialist & Fundraising Specialist
of the SAVE Foundation
E-Mail: m.strzala(at)

Artur Milanowski

Artur Milanowski

Wolf Protection Project Coordinator



We act with respect, goodwill, kindness as well as reliability in all our relationships and communication.


We want to encourage to do good, that is our motivation and the solid ground of our work.


We stand by our word and keep our promises.

Development of potential

We experience our diversity as enrichment. Every contribution strengthens the whole, be it in Africa, Asia, Europe or Germany.


We act in accordance with our values and convictions. We are true to ourselves and respect the integrity and dignity of our partners, donors and employees.


We are looking for support!

To strengthen our foundation’s work, we are always looking for committed, motivated and creative people to join us in our efforts to protect nature and species.

Currently we are hiring:

– Campaign Manager Rainforest Conservation (m/f/d)
– Volunteer for project and campaign work (m/f/d)
– Fundraiser (m/f/d)