Wolf Conservation: Our new wolves Bartek, Scyzor and Geralt

In 2021, we look back on a successful year in our wolf conservation project.

Together with a team of 12 people, a total of 3220 hours were invested in the search for wolves and approximately 9000 km were covered in tracking wolves by car or on foot. The number of wolves whose packs we observe has increased: Currently there are 10 wolf packs (60-70 wolves) and 56 wolves whose behaviour we observe with the help of GPS collars. In 2021, three wolves were added – Bartek, Scyzor and recently Geralt. We want to continue to provide a safe habitat for wolves and enable people to coexist peacefully with wildlife.

As part of our Education 4 Conservation approach, it is extremely important for us to educate people in the Polish regions and to dispel widespread misconceptions about wolves. To reach as many people as possible, we carry out educational work through publications, workshops and social media.