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Protecting lions
Kings of the savannah in danger!
SAVE the forests
Rain forest instead of palm oil plantations!
Children’s projects
Education for a better future
Protecting wild dogs
Endangered strategists!
Become a part of SAVE!

SAVE in 3 steps

The vision and mission of SAVE explained in 3 simple steps.

Children’s projects

The strong combination of development aid and environmental education.

Rain forest protection

By abandoning palm oil with a rate of 100 percent, preserve the remaining rain forest sustainably.



SAVE-Campsite Project in Botswana now opened

The nature conservation organization SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund from Wülfrath has financed three campsites in Botswana, which have been opened just in time during the best season for trips to Southern Africa …

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SAVE gets Support from UNICEF for Early Childhood Environmental Education

The aim of SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund’s Early Childhood Environmental Education Programme is to encourage children in Botswana to care for nature and the environment at an early age.

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Donation: F. Weiss + S-A-F-A-R-I-Kongress – new Marimba instruments

Wolf project – Orzechowa and her family