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African Lion

Conservation and Classification
Carnivores belong to the family of mammals. The term “carnivora” was derived from the Latin caro, carnis (meat) and vorare (V). However, not all carnivores live off of meat. Ecologists describe a predator as being an organism that consumes the whole or parts of other living organisms. ...

African Wilddog

Conservation and Classification
Carnivores belong to the family of mammals. The term “carnivora” was derived from the Latin caro, carnis (meat) and vorare (V). However, not all carnivores live off of meat. Ecologists describe a predator as being an organism that consumes the whole or parts of other living organisms. ...

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Helping children - protect lions

SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund is used worldwide for sustainable global nature and species protection. Behind the Foundation is a dedicated team that has made it its mission to develop solutions and to take measures which take into account the people as well as their environment. This is how we create a sustainable world in our opinion it is a life of harmony between people, animals and nature - that is what we are! Download

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Join us on our journey to give nature a chance. Support our work. For example, help us with a donation that we guarantee will be used responsibly and purposefully in our projects. As a sustaining member or contributor, you will become part of a strong community committed to the global protection of nature and species. SAVE is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Donations are tax-deductible and are certified with a donation receipt. Download

SAVE the Forest

Lawsuit in Cameroon supreme court of 04.05.2012

In the supreme court of Cameroon
In the matter of the application of law no 96/12 of 5 August, 1996 relating to environmental management Download

RSPO Grievance

SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon - Oil Palm Project
Responses to the responses by RSPO on the 26. April 2012 SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, 11.05.2012 Download

HCV Resource Network Technical Panel Peer Review

of Assessment of High Conservation Value on the SGSOC Concession for Oil Palm Development in South-Western Cameroon Download

Proclamation of Herakles

A Response to Inquiries Regarding the Sustainability and Intentions of the Herakles Farms SG Sustainable Oils Project in Southwest Cameroon 20 March, 2012  Download

Response from a Cameroonian lawyer

On 20 March, 2012, Herakles Farms/SG Sustainable Oils published a response to criticisms of their planned 70,000 hectares oil palm plantation in South West Cameroon
The following letter, written by a Cameroonian with intimate knowledge of the plantation, responds to Herakles Farms Download

Response from Thomas Struhsaker (RSPO

Response to SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon Oil Palm Project Responses to Comments Received by RSPO Thomas Struhsaker Comments of 1 March 2012 Thomas T. Struhsaker, Ph.D. (30 March 2012) Download

Grievance against Herakles Farms on the RSPO

RSPO Grievance against the US company Herakles Farms and it’s national subsidiary Sithe Global Sustainable Oils Cameroon, members of the RSPO (10th March 2012)  Download

The U.S. investors and African palm oil

Rainforest clearing and local resistance in West Cameroon
Looking to buy suitable investment property, foreign investors buy up land in Africa en masse. ... Download

Scientific letter Herakles Farms

An Open Letter about the Environmental and Social Impacts of a Massive Oil Palm Development in Cameroon
To whom it may concern: As established scientists with leading academic and research institutions around the world, we would like to express deep concerns about a proposed, ... Download

Verdict Kamerun - 27.02.2012

In the high court of NDIAN JUDICAL DIVISION holden at Mundemba
Before her lordship justice forbang Leslie Formine.. President with him Mr. Simon Ekumene Mbanda as registrar-in-attendance this monday the 27th day of february 2012 Download

Treaty Cameroonian Government and Heracles

Establishment convention
Dated as of 17 september 2009 by and between the Republic of Cameroon and SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon PLC Download

Study on budget revenues

Revenue Components and Conflicts in the Use of Natural Resources in the Peripheral Zone Northeast of Korup National Park (THE UNIVERSITY OF DSCHANG / FACULTY OF AGRONOMY AND AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES / DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY) Download

A Study of SGSOC’s Land Concession in South-West Cameroon

The world’s demand for arable land is increasing. At least 6 million hectares of arable land will be transformed for active agricultural production each year from present until 2030 according to a World Bank study. ... Download

Environmental social impact assessment

SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon Limited
SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon, Ltd. (SGSOC) intends to develop a commercial-grade oil palm project (Project) in the Republic of Cameroon. The primary objective of the Project is to design, construct and operate an oil palm plantation and associated palm oil processing mills. ... Download

Dep Mayor Mundemba opposition letter to SGSOC

An appeal for your administrative intervention
As a senior elite of the area, former secretary general of Batanga Traditional Organization(BOBOMBI) and as Deputy Mayor of Mundemba council, ... Download

Fabe letter of opposition to SGSOC

We, the entire population of Fabe Berna wishes to express our gratitude to SGSOC Ltd for thinking that our village could be amongst those to be covered by this giant AMERICAN GROUP, HERAKLES FARMS for us to enjoy the many lofty benefits by this company. ...  Download

Massaka Bima letter of opposition to SGSOC

The Massaka Bima Community have the honour and respect to table the above subject matter to your high offices. ... Download

Mbile letter of opposition to SGSOC

Subject: Opposition to grant of land certificate to SITHE Global Sustainable Oils, Cameroon.
We have the honour to address to your high office this opposition to grant a Land Certificate to SITHE Global Sustainable Oils, ... Download

Ngolo chiefs letter of opposition to SGSOC

A motion against SITHE Global Sustainable Oils Cameroon Limited
A meeting of the Ngolo Chiefs Conference (NCC) was held on 15th December, 2010 at Ndiba Village in Ndian Division, South-West Region, Republic of Cameroon. ... Download

SAVE the Future


Child advancement and wildlife conservation supports Economic recovery
Please help us to ensure, that Botswana remains to be worth a visit, now and in the future  Download

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Top 10 – What can I do?

Think about what you don’t want to promote with your money in any case. Then check specific guidelines issued by respective banks … Download