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We are always searching for individuals and companies who want to show their commitment and be engaged in our projects success.

We thank our patrons for their valuable contribution to the protection of nature.


Franz Weiß

Franz Weiß, CEO of the company for dental health, function and aesthetics (GZFA), takes over the patronage for the spotted hyenas project - help for the "environmental police" – in February 2011.  More abaut Franz Weiß


Uta Seiler

Uta Seiler, an senior employee of a major European bank, also takes overa part-patronage of the lion conservation project, in May 2012.  More about Uta Seiler


Franz Weiß

Franz Weiß, co-founder of König & Weiß Dental Technology of Munich (KW), takes over the patronage for the German Eagle Owl Protection Project in August 2012.  More about Franz Weiß


Nicole Weiß

Dr. Nicole Weiß, a veterinarian, takes over the patronage of cheetahs in May 2012.
Cheetahs - fastest animals in the world – are also listed on the Red List of IUNC (World Conservation Union) of the endangered animal species.  More about Dr. med. vet. Nicole Weiß


Christa Kleine-Dürschmidt

The veterinarian Dr. med. vet. Christa Kleine-Dürschmidt, undertake the patronage of the children center in Shakawe since April 2013.  More about Dr. Christa Kleine-Dürschmidt



The lawyer Güven İŞLER undertake the patronage of our children project in the Congo since August 2014.  More about Güven İŞLER


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