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Motivation and
Strategy of SAVE

Our Goals & Vision

SAVE is a non-profit foundation, which campaigns specifically for the global and sustained promotion of nature conservation and species protection.

To save wildlife and its habitats and to fill people with enthusiasm for the uniqueness of our nature is the goal of SAVE. SAVE stands for a peaceful coexistence of man and nature. SAVE values projects that lift the human spirit along with preventing wildlife extinctions, population declines, and habitat destruction.

SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund’s vision is to protect wild animals and their habitat by helping create a world where humans coexist peacefully with wildlife while living healthy, prosperous lives. SAVE is building a strong network of conservationists, and we are fighting the decline of the earth’s most endangered and victimized inhabitants and the destruction of their habitats. Together we are promoting biodiversity for a healthy planet with that will sustain future generations of humans and other living beings.

SAVE carries out its mission in equal partnership with local communities to ensure programs benefit local wildlife and human populations. SAVE’s mission is to cultivate generations of environmental leaders by supporting education, research, capacity-building, community outreach, and conservation programs that inspire people to embrace the value of wildlife coexistence and to safeguard their wildlife heritage throughout their lives.