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Dr. med. vet. Nicole Weiß


I had an interesting time with a cheetah during an internship in the animal park “Hellabrunn” in Munich that substantiated my deep affection for these big cats. I was allowed to stroke the big cat putting my hands through a fence and it responded with a loud purr as a sign of contentment and well-being. It was amazing – predator tolerated human presence and enjoyed the contact!
Sadder still is the fact that these beautiful, fast and elegant big cats are still being massively persecuted and threatened with extinction because of human activities. I hope that the projects launched by SAVE can lead to a breakthrough in this field. This can be achieved especially through raising awareness among the local people on the issue of nature conservation and species protection in their own region. It is only through education and involvement of children and young people that we can stop the further persecution and eradication of endangered species and promote sustainable and nature-friendly tourism.