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Dr. med. vet. Nicole Weiß


LL.M. Lawyer Güven İŞLER is a member of the incorporated law society human rights commission and Member of the Internatıonal human rights aid organization “.

„Life in Africa is not composed of what you see, believe me. And, unfortunately,it‘s not as easy as what you see.
Prosperity and independent life should be essential for everyone in the world, not just for the people in my country.
We can offer a better life to children that live there and this is not hard. They just need education and interest. And I think, we can do that easily. Transition and improvement is impossible without education.
We have to attend the areas where people and animals live together! That’s a task for everyone.
I'm impatiently waiting for the results of this good project, because I have great dreams and visions!“ Güven İŞLER.