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We are in a partnering co-operation with the following organizations.

Pabalelo Trust

Pabalelo Trust tries to promote conservation and sustainable living through provision of information and improving practice of existing subsistence livelihoods, such as agriculture. Changing mindsets and nurturing understanding of responsibility begins at home, or at a young age, therefore a daily integrated environmental education program for pre-school playgroups at two locations, as well as a regular children- and youth-awareness-program is provided in collaboration with the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund..

Bana Ba Ditlou

In cooperation with SAVE, Bana Ba Ditlou ("children of the elephants") has grown to an exceptional project that cares for needy and vulnerable children in the African town of Kasane. The centre gives them hope for the future and, at the same time, introduces them to conservation.

German Volonteer Program "Bundesfreiwilligendienst"

SAVE is officially partnered with the German Volonteer Program "Bundesfreiwilligendienst" on ecological issues. Our work is permanently supportet by up to three volonteers.


SHARE FOR SMILES e. V. supports education programs in Botsuana, Kenya and Sambia and fights for the future of kids in need. Social gifts with a purpose, like the 'SHARE FOR SMILES Afrika Kalender' are the core element of our fundraising efforts. Focussing mainly on socially responsible businesses we develop "socially sustainable giving" as a special CRS-solution. SHARE FOR SMILES e.V. partners with SAVE in building the Children's and youth center in Gweta, Botsuana.

University of Göttingen (Germany)

Since 2011, SAVE and the Georg August University campaign for the protection and preservation of the oldest and species-richest African rain forest in Korup National Park in Cameroon. This unique ecosystem is home to many endangered primate species and other fascinating mammals.

Satpuda Foundation

Satpuda Foundation was established to highlight the biodiversity of the Central Indian Highlands (i.e. the Satpuda mountain range), educate different sections of the society about its importance and to tackle threats to the area's forests and wildlife through well-coordinated research oriented conservation action. SAVE supports this foundation for their protection measures for the Indian tiger.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a member of the global network of universities and cooperates with SAVE specifically on research in Botswana. It has won an international award and is thanks to its excellent employees, their diverse capabilities and talented students, one of the best universities in the UK.

Robert & Sara Rothschild Family Foundation

The Robert & Sara Rothschild Family Foundation is a private non-profit founded in 2005. The foundations core is the support of philantrophic efforts, one of those being the strengthening of local communities in Botswana. They are responsible for erecting several libraries in Botswana and opining them up for the public to use. Our children's in Shakawe, Moeromaoto and Gweta are integrated in said libraries.