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Companies that
support SAVE

For many businesses, sustainable commitment to the preservation of our unique planet is a core affair. We would like to introduce our partners assisting us in these very important matter.


Conservation plays an essential role in the GOTEC Group’s company policy. The products and work processes of this international company are designed to fulfill strict environmental protection criteria. In addition, the company supports various environmental and social projects.


The Society for dental health, function and aesthetics, based in Munich, is a nationwide network of dentists, implant specialists and other doctors. The GZFA sees itself as part of a bigger picture and expresses this with various supported domestic and foreign projects. - the network for metal-free restorations is a service of the Society for dental health, function and aesthetics (GZFA). The GZFA supports with projects of the „Dentists without limits foundation“ (DWLF) and of the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

For each new partner-dentist and for each new partner laboratory of there are €2 from the monthly contribution of €20 donated to the organizations the DWLF and the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Become partner as a dentist or dental laboratory in the first network for metal-free restorations.

As a patient you can support the project by having the metal-free, high-quality dental restorations made by dentists and dental laboratories of


The MUNICH IMPLANT STUDY CLUB (M.I.S.C.®) is a GFZA project for advancement and training in the field of implantology. The MUNICH IMPLANT STUDY CLUB is establishing a new learning concept with the Young Board for young dentists and the Expert Board for experiecend dental doctors.


SAVE - ANIMALS - FUNCTION - AESTHETICS - RECONSTRUCTION - IMPLANTOLOGY. The first ever advanced dental training to meet nature and species protection at the Victoria Falls in Botswana - 01.09. – 09.09. 2017

König & Weiß Dentaltechnik München

König & Weiß Dental Technology has been in business for almost 25 years. The company specializes in high tech reconstructive dentistry and implants.

König & Weiß Dental Technology of Munich, Germany supports SAVE's work to protect Eurasian eagle owls. Mr. Franz Weiß, a dental technician and the co-founder, is SAVE's primary patron for our Eagle Owl Protection Project.

This owl was once close to extinction due to hundreds of years of hunting. Though eagle owls are strictly protected in Germany and made somewhat of a comeback here, new and increased threats are putting them at risk of extinction again. Some of these threats include collisions with vehicles, trains, and new wind turbines as well as habitat loss due to new agricultural production.

Veg Life Enterprise

The online retailer Veg Life Enterprise which launched in March 2016 sells only vegan, palm oil free and organic products. But why do they care about all three of those categories? The owner, Cordulla Jaskulla gave us some answers:

Organic products make me and and my customers more comfortable, as you can rest assured that the food is GMO free. (…) In order to make space for palm oil plantations, rainforests are burned down and destroyed, causing unspeakable pain for the animals and people on site. (...) Being a vegan myself, it was pretty clear to me that my assortment had to be vegan. There are so many pain-free products that are super tasty and healthy, therefor I am convinced that something can be found for every taste and every occasion. We believe in a future that is organic, vegan and palm oil free. Our shop reflects that believe.

We are proud to be supported by Veg Life Enterprise who aren't just a great help in our fight against rainforest destruction but also generously agreed to donate 50 cents to SAVE for every single order they receive.

Implantology and parodontology clinic Dr. Bernd Quantius M.S.c. & Kollegen

The implantology and parodontology clinic in Mönchengladbach under the direction of Dr. Bernd Quantius is committed not only to caring for the welfare of the patient but it is also dedicated in conjunction with SAVE to nature and species conservation. The main priority of the clinic is to provide reliable and sustained dental hygiene and health protection for patients. This is achieved by a team of three dentists offering different therapeutic modalities and with high standards of advanced dentistry, which ensures that all patients receive maximum individual benefits. With nearly 20 years' experience in implantology and comprehensive knowledge, our spectrum of implant therapy includes aesthetic single-tooth implant restorations, gentle non-invasive modalities and immediate rehabilitation of the complete jaw with a fixed (non-removable) implant-supported denture using the All-on-4 Concept.

[Translate to English:] Kanzlei Weiler

The Kanzlei Weiler specializes in insolvency law and employment law. Through professional work in these core areas one can experience the upmost qualified and individual consulting. Furthermore, Kanzlei Weiler supports and consults the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund in all legal matters.

[Translate to English:] Fölster Business-Support

Fölster Business-Support is a consulting firm specialising in improving production in medium sized companies. As a self-employed entrepreneur I know myself that companies need way more than just strategy and working procedures. For me, people, the environment and nature are extremely valuable, and SAVE's work helps protect those values. I support SAVE because of the dedication that keeps the company running.

Abendsonne Afrika

Abendsonne Afrika is a special tour operator for southern and eastern Africa that at the same time attaches great importance to nature conservation and ecotourism. Therefore, Abendsonne Afrika recommends especially eco- friendly accommodation that takes into account nature conservation, animal welfare, sustainability, the use of natural elements and supports social projects for the local people. Moreover, Abendsonne Afrika works together with partners who share a similar ideology to achieve sustainability and the protection of flora and fauna, and supports wildlife conservation organizations and projects.