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code of conduct

SAVE Code of Conduct

SAVE is a charitable foundation that fights for global and sustainable support of nature and species protection as well as social justice. We work together with volounteers and payed staff who identify with our goals and believes. Their passion is the deciding factor in making SAVE successful.

SAVE is dependent on donators who want to support our cause. The set goals and the trust of the donators result in high expectations in the work ethic of SAVE and its staff. That's why all SAVE staffers have to agree with the following code of conduct.

The following rules apply as guidance in these cases:

  • work at projects supported by SAVE
  • Campaigns that are initiated or supported by SAVE in order to reach set goals or collect donations/win over sponsor
  • Notifications, Communications, Mails, Publications and public appearences that are connected with SAVE
  • Personal behaviour needs to fit SAVE's goals


SAVE staff commit to the following rules of guidance not only at work but also in their personal lives:

  • Work at SAVE is mainly volountary, it may be payed in the context project work. The salary cannot be disproportionately high and must be approved by the board. Expenditures are only payed for if the board approved of it beforehand.
  • SAVE works together with other NGOs in the field of environmental protection and future development. SAVE is also in close contact with business, political parties and administration in donor countries and recipient nations. But exertion of influence into SAVEs projects and actions is by no means accepted.
  • SAVE staff and the workers involved in projects are all equal - no matter what their origin, faith, gender or heritage may be. They are bound to respect each other and to be open towards everyone and his respective culture.
  • SAVE staff care about an environmentally friendly and resource saving way of working.
  • SAVE staff respect the law, regulations, rules and furthermore culture and habits of the countries SAVE acts in. In case of a conflict, SAVE staff doesn't use violence. They refuse to endanger any member whilst working on a project.
  • Racist, nationalist, religious or sexist discrimination is not being accepted
  • No political or religious goals are being persued
  • SAVE staff will in no case accept personal gifts or benefits from outside people or organisations, that do not benefit the foundation or its goals. To show once gratitude towards SAVE and SAVE staff, donations are appreciated.


SAVE and SAVE staff make sure that all supported projects are aligned with SAVE goals. Furthermore they ensure that

  • the set goals are pursued in a sustainable manner
  • personal interests do not influence decisions
  • the supported projects are evaluated holisticaly and do not contravene SAVE's goals
  • project-based donations do not constrain SAVE's independence

SAVE's logo symbolizes the goals of the charitably foundations and can only be used in SAVE's very own publications. Exemptions require the approval of the board and are only valid for a definitive cause. SAVE will use ist website to regularly update people about current developments and projects. This way SAVE can guarantee transparency and ensure donators that their money is used for a valid cause. Those causes are also subject to internal auditing to make sure that project funds are spend in accordance with the planned use.

It is the tasked of staff trusted with managing a project to make neccesary information for reporting on the respective projects available. SAVE will make public to the countries SAVE acts in which positive effects resulted from SAVE's work. In case of conflict in context with these rules the advisory board needs to be informed. It will scrutenize issues and adopt suitable measures.

If you have any questions or are in need of clarification please make sure to contact Lars Gorschlüter, chairman of the board.

Call: +49 (0) 178-3103344