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Motho le Phologolo


Shakawe is situated at the river Okavango, in the area of the so-called “Panhandle” of Okavango delta. Permanent water-flow lures animals like hippos, especially crocodiles and sometimes even elephants. Education about nature and sustainable handling of flora and fauna are particularly important. Next to the exuberant wildlife children suffer from poverty, hunger, diseases like HIV and often do not perceive nature in their everyday life.

The project

The “Kids for Wildlife Conservation” projects in Shakawe and 5 kilometers distant Samochima enjoy constant approach since their founding in 2013. Today, approximately 70 pre-school children find their way to learn and playgroups independently. Topics concerning pre-school, everyday life and environmental education are being taught in a playful manner, e.g. numbers, the alphabet, hygiene or social studies with a constant reference to wildlife.

Every month a different animal is being chosen as new motto. Respective role-plays and painting games allow children to build a relationship to this specific animal. Through presentations children gain information on the animal’s role in the ecosystem and its habits. In regular workshops and excursions like guided safaris children get to apply this knowledge and fortify it with positive experiences in nature. The project in Shakawe was extended by a youth club which takes place monthly and during vacation.


Gakenaope Kashokora
Child carer (Shakawe)

Katlego Montsho
Child carer (Samochima)

Katlego Njwaki
Pre-school teacher (Samochima)

Keromamang Matsila
Volonteer (Shakawe)

Sophia Le Roux
Manager Educational Program (Shakawe)

Willemien Le Roux
Manager (Shakawe)

Partner organizations

In the region of Shakawe SAVE established a fruitful network of partner organizations. The cooperation with Pabalelo Trust is indispensable. Pabalelo Trust not just supports SAVE structurally and with manpower but also enriches the project with knowledge regarding agricultural use of natural resources that suits wildlife and environment. Another important cooperation partner is the Robert & Sara Rothschild Family Foundation which provides us with their libraries for activities.


Dr. med. vet. Christa Kleine-Dürschmidt, veterinarian, is patroness of our children’s and youth projects in Shakawe since April 2013. We thank our patroness for her generous support! Without her the project could not have been realized.


Dr. med. vet. Christa Kleine-Dürschmidt

How can I help SAVE?

Simply visit the HELP area on this website. You will find many suggestions how to support our aims and projects with actions and donations.