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Bana Ba Lenong


Moreomaoto is situated in the west of Makgadikgadi-Pans national park which is combined with Nxai pan and other small pans one of the largest connected salt pans. “Makgadikgadi” means “wide, lifeless land”. While one struggles with emptiness and loneliness, the other immerses with the width and silence of this impressive landscape. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve lays in the south of Moreomaoto, the Okavango delta and the Moremi Game Reserve, one of the wildest and most untouched nature reserves in the world, are north of Moreomaoto.

Life emerges in rainfall periods when gregarious animals or flamingos start their journey from Okavango delta via the salt pans. National parks and game reserves in the surroundings amaze tourists with their harsh beauty. The city of Maun is the central spot for all touristic activities in this region. While Maun shifted to a touristic hotspot, the original connection between locals and nature got lost bit by bit. The people who are not working in the tourism sector which depends on the diversity of species have a hard time in this region. Therefore, SAVE aims to raise children’s awareness of their environment.

The project

The “Kids for Wildlife Conservation” project Bana Ba Lenong in Moreomaoto was founded by SAVE in 2012. 60 children and teenagers take part in learn and play groups regularly which are focused on environmental education.

“Bana Ba Lenong” means “Children of vultures”. The lectures and activities in the month about vultures last year had a huge impact on the children. This is why they chose the name for their center. Vultures are not very popular in this area and get poisoned and hunted by local farmers. The children understood very quickly how important vultures for the ecosystem are which led to a sincere admiration.


Seikgotlho Madima

Project partner

The youth center in Moreomaoto is integrated in the library of the Robert & Sara Rothschild Family Foundation.

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How can I help SAVE?

Simply visit the HELP area on this website. You will find many suggestions how to support our aims and projects with actions and donations.