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Bana Ba Ditlou


Kasane is situated at the Chobe River in the northwest of Botswana. The world’s largest elephant population as well as severe poverty are characteristic features of Kasane. The Chobe national park is a popular tourist attraction of Botswana and with its fertile green isles and banks it attracts large amounts of animals.

Tourists from all over the world enjoy boat trips on the Chobe River because they can watch herds of elephants wading through the water close-by. However, especially elephants approach the simple town Kasane which threatens locals and their in hard work cultivated fields. The knowledge of coexistence with elephants was lost as an impact of civilization. This results in mistakable interaction between humans and animals.

Kasane lies in the tri-border region of Namibia-Botswana-Zimbabwe. The office of the second largest conservation area in the world KaZa TFCA (Kavango-Zambezi Trans Frontier Conservation Area) is located in Kasane. The population is reliant on tourism and the tourism industry needs motivated, well-trained employees.

The project

Bana Ba Ditlou is the first “Kids for Wildlife Conservation” project and was established by SAVE in 2010. Local employees take care of 150 children who visit the center on a daily basis.

The children’s project in Kasane was founded in the cause of two needs. First, many children come from bad social backgrounds and have lived through abuses or similar. In this project, a basis for a healthy physical and psychic development will be achieved and the children experience care and stability. Second, the environmental education focuses on elephants. The goal is to accomplish a change of people’s attitude towards wildlife so that they see the animals and tourism sector as a chance for their own future.

Due to its strong family unit, the elephant ibana_marimbas a symbol for protection. Children often miss this essential feeling. Therefore, the project name is “Bana Ba Ditlou”, children of elephants. The children’s joy of life is reflected in the unique marimba band project. Marimbas are similar to xylophones. The children and teenagers of the Bana Ba Ditlou marimba band already performed at events in different places, even in tourism lodges and in front of Botswana’s president.


Mareko Marciniak

Gobona Motlotlegi
Child carer

Judy Hepburn

Project partner

The often traumatized children receive psychological care from our cooperation partner Ad Gentes and the church.

Patron missing!

Become patron, project supporter or sponsor of our children’s project “Bana Ba Ditlou” and make children’s hearts leap for joy! More information is available here.

How can I help SAVE?

Simply visit the HELP area on this website. You will find many suggestions how to support our aims and projects with actions and donations.