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African Wildlife

Only those who love nature, will protect it

For us, the protection of species is inextricably linked to education and development. Our approach "Education 4 Conservation (E4C)" is an holistic approach. It brings together wildlife conservation, community development and education. This can only be achieved through continuous and sustainable measures planned and implemented in cooperation with the people living in the communities next to the wildlife areas.

SAVE focuses on some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife species – lions, cheetahs, hyenas, zebra and wildebees. They are all experiencing declining populations. These animals once roamed across nearly the entire African continent. Today, these carnivores can be found in only small pockets of their former ranges – mostly in national parks. Even in protected areas, the animals are not always safe from poaching. Outside protected area boundaries in the animals’ natural habitats they are all at risk of being shot, poisoned, and trapped by humans. SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund is working to protect and recover these important predators and other African wildlife and their habitats to assure they do not go extinct.

The only way to protect our planet is through long-term and sustainable actions. Therefore, SAVE promotes environmental education of children in its project countries. They often know very little about the wilderness in their home country. Predators are seen as a threat not worth being protected. SAVE supports environmental education projects, so that the children discover the unique treasures of their countries and learn how to conserve them.


These are our active projects in Africa:


Nature conservation programme for children and young people


Community Development


Protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitat