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Our "ZeroPalmöl"

Why is palm oil so popular?

Palm oil is used by everyone. It is a primary ingredient used in every other food at the supermarket: chocolate bars, ice cream, pizza, lipstick, detergent even soap has palm oil in it. As an ingredient it is never listed rather, it hides behind the term "vegetable oil". The oil from the oil palm fruit has excellent properties: it is productive and industrially usable. For the world's growing demand for food, the land for oil palm cultivation is expanding steadily.

The demand for palm oil destroys our rainforests

To keep up with the industries ever growing demand for palm oil more and more deforestation is taking place every day. Only by relinquishing palm oil 100% it is possible to sustainably protect rainforests world wide. Consumers, businesses and politicians need to finally face the issue and acknowledge that they are all part of the problem.

SAVE's "ZeroPalmöl" Campaign

The main goal of our campaign against palm oil is to prevent any further deforestation to make space for oil palms. The only way to achieve this ambitious goal is by completely banning palm oil from use in consumer's products or a dramatic reduction in the use of palm oil. In order to decrease the demand for palm oil the pressure on manufacturers and legislaters needs to grow. Supporters of our cause can obtain useful information on palm oil on our websites and in our App that promotes palm oil free

"PoP - products without palm oil", the app for palm oil-free products.

Available for free on the App Store.
Simply enter "ZeroPalmöl" in the search and download the app to your iPhone or via the following link:

The app is also available free of charge in the Android version.
It is available via the search for "ZeroPalmöl" in the Google Play Store or via the following link: