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Cameroons rainforest

The rainforests of Cameroon and the golf of Guinea is a hotspot od biodiversity. It is not just one of the oldest woodlands of the earth, but ist hosting a unique flora and fauna: 620 tree and bush species, 500 species of herbs and vines occure in the 1200 km² Korup National park. Also the rare drill and chimpanzees, as well as forest elepfants, gorillas and leopards are living in this region. That could end soon.

Deforestation in favor of palm oil plantaitions

In the midst of the woods a palm oil plantation shall arise.To do so, approximately 70,000 hectares, an area the size of 100.000 football fields, of high conservation Rainforest and small-scale farming landscape will have to be moved. A disaster for the jungles of Cameroon; even worse than the planned highway through the Serengeti. Under threat is Cameroon’s coherent and unique ecosystem which like in Tanzania, will be cut into two parts. No more sufficient exchanges of species will take place in a living environment carved up in such a way. Isolated groups would mark the definite decline for many unique animals and species of plants.

Our Actions

SAVE is calling, together with many other conservation organisations, for the immediate cessation of all deforestation! This unique ecosystem should not be divided or fragmented and people should not be deprived of their livelihoods. Furthermore, an independent team of experts should create an impact assessment report on native forests with their biodiversity and on the lives of local people. SAVE urges investors to use less environmentally valuable land: There is enough fallow land, on which oil palm plantations can be established. The clearing of rain forest is completely unnecessary!

  • SAVE supports the nativ people, fighting against the palm oil plantation.
  • SAVE participates on studys on ecological classifikation of concerned areas. We were already able to prve the “High Conservation Level” of some of these areas.
  • SAVE achieves enviromental work on the local people and informs them about ecoligical and socail consequences of deforestaition.
  • Together with the natives Save initiates a signiture campaign against the Plantaition plans; Save presents the collected signutures to international decision makers. We collected several thousend signitures.
  • Save espouses by all available means to protect the rainforsest of cameroon and to prevent the build of the palm oil plantation. To score that goal our employees are in cameroon als well as here in germany aktiv.
  • SAVE supports petitions against the palm oil plantation.
  • With public relation work SAVE informs consumers in germany about the commodity palm oil and the deforestation of ecologic very valuable rainforest due to its production.
  • SAVE investigates, informs and searches as well for political solucions.

Immediate stop of deforestation in Cameroon

The unique ecosystem in south west cameroon must not be further fragmented and People must not deprived of their basis of life.

We demand …

  • The immediate stop of the deforestation.
  • That Herakles Farms respects the legal obligations and stops its illegal deforestation and the plantation construction at once.
  • That the responseble polititions understand, that they have to act and to do all possible to prevent the palm oil plantation and to protect the raunforest.
  • Responsible economic development in South West Cameroon. The proposals for sustainable forest economy and small-holder farming have been submitted in order to help support sustainable economic growth for the local people.
  • That Herakles Farms stops all activities concerning the palm oil plantation in Southwest Cameroon, until independent researchers and NGOs, who are active in the region, fully investigate the social and environmental consequences of plantation.
  • That the results of an appropriate research will be made public and available to everyone. The consequences and impact of the plantation have to be made clear to each villager and a democratic solution must be foun
  • That Herakles Farms stops all activities concerning the palm oil plantation until all adjacent and directly affected villages have been informed about social, ecological, cultural and economic consequences of the plantation.

That the plantation construction will be stopped. We call upon all conservation organizations, social services, governments to assist and help and protest against the plantation and to do lobby work in order to protect the valuable forests.