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Eagle Owl Protection

Completed Project: Eagle Owl Protection

The starting situation

The reason for starting the eagle owl protection project was the return of the animal to our region, the "Niederbergische Raum". The animal density reached a point where the local population was considered the biggest population next the major cities. Almost every quarry was inhabitat by an eagle owl.

The issue

Even though the population was rising, the population was by no means SAVE. Power lines, traffic and wind turbines endgered the eagle owl. Furthermore is lost space for finding food due to intensified agriculture.

The idea

The basic idea of the project was to explore the animals' behaviour and its demands towards its habitat. SAVE supported the "Niederbergische Uhu Projekt" in order to find our more about the important animal and how to protect it.

Concrete Actions

The most important measures consisted of GPS-tracking, exploration of breeding sites, genetic analysis, the analysis of their nourishment and veterinary mediacal studies. Furthermore, to protect the species, the depletion in many quarries was stopped and in coordination with the local administration the habitat could be saved.

The result

The projects main focus lay on the scrutinzing of junction boxes that could endanger the eagle owl by eagle owl expert Detlef Regulski. Commissioned by SAVE he was able to scrutenize more than 260 junction boxes and to forward the results to the respective operators.