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What we do to achieve a better coexistence of animal and human being

The vision of SAVE is to stop extinction of wildlife and their habitats in Africa especially in Botswana and the Congo. Therefore, we support local people, especially needy children and teenagers in rural African areas and provide them with environmental education.

The goal of environmental education is to create enthusiasm among children for a peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife. Informing them about the benefits of nature conservation leads to a better understanding of this locally but also globally important issue. The increased awareness in turn could result in a better future. With strengthened personalities, environmental education and career opportunities in the eco-tourism sector we enable children better future prospects. Simultaneously, we support eco-tourism and finally make a step forward towards achieving our vision of promoting species protection.

Conservation & Childrens aid in Africa

With diverse idears we want to protect the unique fauna of Africa. Our focus is on declining the conflicts between the local people and the predators living in the area.   more


SAVE the Forests                

Rainforests, which are our evergreen biodiversity hotspots and green lungs of the earth, are more and more destroyed for gigantic Palm oil plantations. SAVE is strict against the use of Palmoil and shows alternatives to consumers and companies.   more


Wolf protection in Europe


Completed Projects

In the past jears SAVE was able to successful complete a multitude of projects. You can find a selection of them.   more