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A general donation is connected with a low administrative cost and gives us an opportunity to plan for emergencies. Unforeseen things happen again and again to which we must react immediately for the welfare of human beings, animals and nature. Be it; orphaned wild dogs that are found on a farm, a wounded lion which needs veterinary aid and expensive drugs, a storm which destroys a newly constructed building, etc. With your general, not-project-related donation, you make it possible for us to be able to help quickly and easily where it is necessary.

Your donation is tax deductible

Just show the cash deposit document or the booking confirmation of your bank, if the donation is not higher than 200 € / 255 $. With a donation above 200 € / 255 $ you will automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the year, so you can reduce taxes on your tax returns.

Donate via money transfer form

If you prefer to hand your donation directly by money transfer form, then you will find below the banking details to our donations account.

SAVE bank account
Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal
Konto-Nr.: 509 588
BLZ: 330 500 00
IBAN: DE02 3305 0000 0000 5095 88