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Handover of the watering hole
to the Department of Wildlife (DWNP)
Hippo rescue
at the gate of the Okavango Delta
Makgadikgadi water provision
protection of wildlife corridors
Protecting lions
Kings of the savannah in danger!
SAVE the forests
Rain forest instead of palm oil plantations!
Children’s projects
Education for a better future
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Stop the destruction of Borneo's proboscis monkey forest!

We call for an immediate stop of the construction work!


Your assistance

Our work is only possible with the help of financial and material support - and for this we need you! In addition, you can preserve nature and help wild animals through your own behaviour in everyday life.


SAVE supports the Satellite Primary School in Nxaraga

Together with numerous community members, we have renewed the assembly area of the Satellite Primary School. The school is currently attended by 100 children in grades 1-5. Every morning the students gather in the assembly area in front of the school, hold a prayer service and sing songs together.

We’re looking forward to your application!

We want to help your community in funding climate smart agricultural activities!

Covid-19 has hit the world pretty hard. Especially the rural areas ins Botswana where creating livelihood income ist limited. 

Makgadikgadi water provision - protection of wildlife corridors

The work focused on cleaning, re-piping, covering the wellhead, replacing the 1,000 metre pipeline between the well and the water point, registering the well, installing a new solar-powered high-efficiency well pump and a solar-powered electric fence to protect the equipment around the well.


Drought in Botswana: SAVE provides emergency aid

SAVE's children and youth programme in Botswana

Wolfsprojekt – Orzechowa and Family