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Hippo rescue
at the gate of the Okavango Delta
Protecting lions
Kings of the savannah in danger!
SAVE the forests
Rain forest instead of palm oil plantations!
Children’s projects
Education for a better future
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About us

What motivates us and why education and cooperation with locals is the basic prerequisite for sustainable nature and wildlife conservation.

Our projects

Aim at a better cooperation between animals and humans. We are committed to the preservation of habitats of endangered animal species and sensitise people to the considerate use of natural resources.


Your assistance

Our work is only possible with the help of financial and material support - and for this we need you! In addition, you can preserve nature and help wild animals through your own behaviour in everyday life.


Cooperation between SAVE and TU Munich

African lion populations have been declining by an astonishing 43% from 1993 to 2018, according to IUCN research. That means that from 200,000 lions 25 years ago, only slightly over 22,000 remain in the wild across Africa today. The decrease in population is higher than any other species, including the rhino.

Drought in Botswana - SAVE provides emergency relief

Our CEO Lars Gorschlüter has just returned from his annual trip to our main project country. In his luggage, he also brought impressions from the Nxaraga region, which not only impressed but also partly shocked his colleagues here on site.

A SAVE success story: From pupil to student

With the support of SAVE donors we were able to enable our former volunteer to study. Maikaego Dingalo grew up as an orphan in Botswana. No reason for the technical enthusiast to miss out on a good education.


Drought in Botswana: SAVE provides emergency aid

SAVE's children and youth programme in Botswana

Wolfsprojekt – Orzechowa and Family