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Help Create Botswana’s Future Conservation Leaders!

Nature and wildlife conservation begins with people. The best people to protect a region’s natural resources come from local communities. They are the ones who best understand the wildlife and nature in their own backyards. They understand the human culture that interacts with the environment and the political processes that control environmental protection.

However in Botswana and other places in Africa, young people who are interested in conserving their wildlife heritage may not have the means to get sufficient education and training. SAVE helps students who are passionate about wildlife conservation and want to become skilled wildlife researchers, conservationists, and the policy makers who will work to protect Botswana’s environment.

Your donations help support student tuitions, course materials, research equipment for fieldwork, and more. A year of study at the University of Botswana, for example, cost about $8400 in 2012.

Detailed cost compilation

Item Monthly Cost in € Annual Cost in € Total in €
Tuition Fees 100 1200 3600
Expenses on books 12,50 150 450
Travel and Data Collection 400 4800 14400
Access to subject literature and the Internet 40 480 1440
Total 552,50 6630 19890

Fees are paid annually.

Your support is a special contribution to sustainable environment protection. At the same time you give young African people the chance to receive a quality education.