Doing good and promoting meaningful things

Perhaps you have already thought about including a charitable organization in your will in addition to your family and friends. This gives you the opportunity to support the goals and values you espouse in your life, even after your passing. SAVE Wildlife invests all donations sustainably and long-term in targeted education, development and species conservation support. By making a donation in your will, you have the opportunity to pass on your own values to future generations.

Please feel free to contact us, we can discuss your wishes and the various options for your estate donation in a confidential meeting.

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Legal possibilities

Pieces with memories


The legal succession is strictly regulated, but can be extended with a will or a contract of inheritance. If you want to include SAVE Wildlife in your will, we can use your estate donation sensibly and sustainably for our projects in Africa, for example in a children’s school project supported by us or in concrete species protection measures for lions, hippos or the elephant.



You can support us and remember SAVE Wildlife in your will without naming the Foundation as your heir: Designate a portion of your estate assets as a bequest to the Foundation. This could be a specific amount of money, a savings account, or real estate, to name a few possibilities.

Important note: Your heirs are legally obligated to assign the bequest to the SAVE Wildlife Foundation or to pay out the specified amount of money, with no strings attached.


Contract in favor of third parties on death

With this option, you contractually specify where the SAVE Wildlife Foundation is a beneficiary in your estate, for example under an existing life insurance policy. Alternatively, you can set up a savings account, pay in regular amounts and agree with your bank that this balance will be paid out to the SAVE Wildlife Foundation at a time determined by you.

Why is it important to make a will?

As a sustaining member of SAVE, you prepare the ground for change in species conservation. For us, your lasting support means predictability and reliability for our projects. That way, you enable us to help in a targeted and long-term manner by developing educational centers in Africa, ecologically sustainable entrepreneurial activities, educational campaigns or establishing permanent protection measures for wildlife and their habitats.

My legacy does good 

In addition to providing for your loved ones, your last will and testament can do good and create lasting things. By making a bequest to SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, you can make an unforgettable and lasting contribution to animal welfare, species conservation and wildlife preservation.

Each Euro goes directly to thechildren and animals

Support the children in Africa with us. Leave your mark and help us to implement
a variety of other educational and species conservation projects.





We answer your questions

Clear definition

With a written will, you shape your last will and testament. You can determine exactly who will receive your assets – over and above the statutory succession. By the way: If you don’t have legal heirs entitled to inherit, the state will inherit all your assets.

Only if you make a will, you have the opportunity to leave your inheritance to SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund and thus support our projects sustainably. Under German inheritance law, a bequest can only be suspended by express written provision in a testamentary disposition.

A bequest usually relates to individual items of the entity of the inheritance that are awarded to a specific person or organization. The claim of a legatee arising from a testament does not relate to the inheritance itself, i.e. it does not establish a general right of inheritance. The legatee must claim the bequeathed item from the heirs into whose ownership the bequeathed item initially passed.

Making a difference for the generations of today and tomorrow

SAVE Wildlife has been working for global species conservation and sustainable children’s education projects in Botswana for over 10 years. Your estate donation goes directly to the communities, providing health, education, income and wildlife conservation.

Tax Advantage

Unlike individuals, Save Wildlife, as a non-profit organization, is not subject to estate taxes. In the case of a gift, we are also tax-exempt. Your estate therefore goes to us and our projects worldwide without any deductions.

The handwritten will

In that case, your last will and testament MUST be handwritten; a computer printout will not be valid. You can also write a joint handwritten will with your spouse and, of course, it can be amended or changed at any time you wish.

The notarial will

You write your will together with a notary of your choice, who then certifies it. If you wish, the notary can place your will in official safekeeping at the local court. This way you can be sure that your last will and testament is formulated in a legally sound manner and will not be lost.

You can change your will at any time. You have two options for doing so: You can write an addition or you can make a new will with your notary.

In the case of a private will, handwritten changes are sufficient. However, caution is advised when making such changes: They can quickly become confusing and, in the worst case, lead to a dispute between heirs.
Instead of making changes to the will, you can also draw up a new will. This way, the current status is always clear. A declaration of revocation in the new will renders the old version invalid.
There are special rules for making changes to a public or joint will. We will be pleased to provide advice on any further questions you may have.

In addition to the value or share you wish to leave, we ask that you clearly state our address:

SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund Foundation
Dieselstr. 70
D-42489 Wuelfrath

If you have questions about inheritance law, a lawyer can help you quickly. However, an official will can only be certified by a notary public.

Of course, we are also glad to help you personally. You can send us your questions at any time and we will clarify them in a separate telephone conversation.