Climate-Smart Agriculture: SAVE funds local Initiatives


COVID-19 has crippled the economies of many African countries since late 2019, having a drastic impact on the health system and other sectors such as the tourism industry. Botswana’s rural areas, with their high poverty and unemployment rates, are also suffering the effects of the pandemic.

With the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) project, we are working with people in the affected regions to enable income-generating activities despite COVID-19 and the increasingly noticeable effects of climate change. We support locally developed Smart Agriculture ideas and enable self-help by disseminating climate-friendly agricultural practices and helping to improve the supply of fresh produce to the population.

Climate Smart Agriculture Botswana

Tirelo Ramasimong & Hope of Living

To date, we have financially supported five local Climate Smart Agriculture projects: Shelter Botswana, TOCaDi, Hope of Living, Phillip Morutegi and NG32 Farm. We would like to expand the project to enable more communities to implement locally developed climate-smart projects – partners welcome.