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SAVE supports the Satellite Primary School in Nxaraga

After successfully saving 168 hippos last summer, we have further expanded our commitment in Nxaraga.

Together with numerous community members, we have renewed the assembly area of the Satellite Primary School. The school is currently attended by 100 children in grades 1-5. Every morning the students gather in the assembly area in front of the school, hold a prayer service and sing songs together.
In order to make the area more inviting and comfortable for the children, everyone has pitched in. In our 25th "Education4Conservation" project, a total of 120 old tires were recycled, painted and mounted in a semicircle on the square. Now the children can sit on the tires at the meetings and enjoy the little rainbow in blue, red and yellow.
More tires were used to build a colorful playground. During the breaks and in physical education, the children can have lots of excercise and fun.
All recycled tires were collected from nearby suppliers and processed.

Further information about our approach „Education4Conservation“.