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For the hippos which got stuck during the huge drought , we thanks our donors for assisting to equip a borehole with pump, dig a trench and install solar panels. This provided water to the hippos during the time of draught, many hippos, about 168, were saved and support with bales of Lucerne to feed so they can gain energy. The bales were bought so that they can gain energy and be able to stretch and walk out of water, it was a bonus to them.

The Hippos at the Nxaraga Hippo pool also smiled to the flooding of the Thamalakane river as this meant more water and free movement with the river channel.

Now that the river has flooded, and hippos have migrated, the borehole has been disconnected and the equipment shall be used by the Nxaraga community for future projects. A successful project completed due to your tremendous support!